Hendon, London, that is.

So what’s it like to live there? Does it feel safe? Is it friendly? Is there much of a nightlife? How would it suit a thirty-something professional male who’s looking for all of the above?


10 Responses to What's Hendon like to live in?

  1. littlegobshyte says:

    hendons at the arse end of nowhere mate.my sister used to live there and it was horrible.try somewhere in south london like dulwich.very nice,some excellent pubs and restaurants great parks,easy links to central london by train and bus.a much better option than hendon!!

  2. Goober G says:

    It’s a bit like having your bollocks pounded by a wooden mallet. Sometimes, it’s not too bad when you’ve passed out from that one pint too many.

  3. Barry says:


  4. wuman22 says:

    Hendon has a posh part and the rest of it leaves a lot to be desired… at least uve got brent cross shopping wotsit down the road..nice.

  5. Roamer says:

    I’ve never been but I imagine it’s full of police:

  6. Mark J says:


  7. far2cool4u says:

    It honestly depends where in Hendon you’re talking about.
    The area around Hendon Central and Vivian Avenue is quite nice, around Brent Street is alright. Remember that Hendon has a sizeable Jewish community – lots of Kosher restaurants and cafes. Also, there are a lot of Polish and Eastern Europeans in the area, and they have many stores.
    West Hendon isn’t so nice.

  8. Daniel R says:

    Hendon itself is quite nice. It’s suburban, so it’s reasonably safe but quite quiet.

    There are lots of cafes and restaurants, though because of the large Jewish community they are mostly kosher. There are quite a few pubs as well, although again these will mainly be used by young Jewish people (who don’t tend to drink a lot, so they sell mainly coca-cola!)

    Parts of Hendon are very expensive – around Brampton Grove is very posh. West Hendon is very much less so, but quite run down.

  9. tinaandsteve says:

    its a dump

  10. Carrie S says:

    Hendon is a very Jewish part of London with a huge middle-class Jewish population. It’s very safe and very affluent.

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