Recently retired, living in Northamptonshire, booked a site at Crystal Palace Caravan site in June.

Can we used our free Senior Citizen bus passes to venture into London and run around during the day and maybe the underground during our stay ???

Has anyone had any experience of this, and do you have any tips.

As a newly retired Senior Citizen with a bus pass, I cant wait to put them to good use! ; D


6 Responses to Senior Citizen bus pass – Can we used them in Central London and on the Underground?

  1. charlotte g says:

    yes on the buses, but not on the underground
    do you have a senior citizen railcard? you can use that on the underground

  2. Cheshire Cat says:

    My mother has a London bus pass and she got around Manchester with it, most bus drivers let her travel for free. There was also that guy that traveled up to Scotland on his Senior Citizen bus pass. I don’t know how it works in London because you have to beep it in like an oyster card. You’ll just have to try your luck with the bus drivers. The tube will not allow you on because it is automated and you have to beep in to open the gates.

  3. Ian says:

    YES on the red buses but NO on the underground or the DLR. They are valid on the X services to places like Stansted airport which might be useful.

    As they are only valid in off-peak hours they are NOT valid on the night buses.

    EDIT. Checking the TFL site it seems they are valid at any time although this contradicts what my local bus company told me.

  4. Fred3663 says:

    Your bus pass is valid on London buses 24hrs a day, it is not valid on the underground or DLR or tram

  5. says:

    I always say make the most of what you got while you got it. Your bus pass should have a phone number on the back or if not your local council will tell you or your local bus office. But it can be used up and down the country so I dont see any reason for london to be any different. I have never been to london so I cant be percific. but I would of thought the underground another form of public transport.

  6. David S says:

    Senior citizen passes issued outside London are only valid for free travel on buses in London. You can take a number 3 bus from Crystal Palace to the West End of London. If you want to travel on trains, the Underground, trams or the DLR you will have to pay. You can buy an Oyster Card which is an inexpensive way to use public transport in the London travel zones

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