hi all, can any one please give me some ideas on how to succeed on passing the assessment on becoming london bus driver the following questions are:

•a written test to check your maths, your understanding of English and your highway code knowledge
•an assessment drive with one of our experienced assessors
•an interview with one of our garage management team.

What kind of question they ask on maths?
thanks in advance


3 Responses to HELP! . How to pass the assessment for becoming a London Bus Driver?

  1. fred k says:

    As some buses still have cash fares, the driver would have to account for the money. I would not expect that anything beyond a basic maths ability is required.

  2. rejectedzipper says:

    Fred is right.
    Like this:

    "A customer asks for 2 adults and a child to Destination X. Adult fare is 75p, child fare is 50p, how much do you ask for? If he gives you a 5 pound note how much change do you give him?"

  3. kenlove32 says:

    do you have any numbers for London depots, not the 0808 number coz i prefare to speak to a person not machine, lol

    I would guess the maths would be simple calculation, revising highway code not too hard, am not sure if you have to sit for theory test & pass all 35 questions.

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