I know in the US that you must be at least 25 to rent an exotic car. But this summer before college, my dream is to fly to london, rent out a Lambo or Ferrari and tour the continent to the boot of italy (at least 2 weeks). My family has nice cars in the united states (new york city). I could ship a Maserati Gran Turismo, an S550 4Matic, or a Corvette Z06 to europe. I want to have a great time in europe and must do so in a nice car with a friend. Would It be cheaper to just ship one?? Im not sure if Id need a different ID? Please inform me! Thanks.


One Response to Exotic Car Rentals in Europe for a 18 Year old?

  1. brian m says:

    lol wont be cheap to ship .your looking at about 6 weeks for economy price,and 4,000$ (round trip)plus insurance ,just do what everyone elts does, rent your dream car for a day or two then you in europe you can rent a nice modest high end BMW or Audi for what you pay for a mustang in the usa and still have a thrill .exotic rentals not that cheap by time your done probaby get ya for 1,000$ plus gas ,gas is also tripple what you pay at home rember that also.also depending on where you are most speed limits top out at 140kms so is it worth it ? ….my advice is ,its a nice dream but at young age you can get into some serious trouble with a fast with a car like that. hurt or kill some one in an accident overseas you might as well kiss your life good bye.legal fees alone will drain you for many many years.

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