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If the continents are still moving apart each year what will happen to the channel tunnel. Will eventually a gap appear at one end ?

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21 Responses to Are the continents still moving apart, if so what will happen to the channel tunnel?

  1. Alicat says:

    No both ends.

  2. thetdw says:

    DUH!!! Eventually it will leak and or flood completely!!

  3. Miss Samaritan says:

    Clever bunny! I think it would be a disaster, but I guess they got enginers checking on it all the time.

  4. FLOYD says:

    no dafty in order for it to part it would have to be sitting on 2 plates and it aint

  5. middenmaker says:

    Nothing, both ends are in Europe!

  6. Rich S says:

    The Tunnel isnt between continents.
    Its between England and France which share the same continental plate.

  7. Ollie says:

    Yeh floyd is right, there is only one tectonic plate on which the channel tunnel lies on.

  8. Richy T says:

    UK and France are on the same continent so nothing to worry about! Dont confuse countrys and continents.

  9. Deggs says:

    You must be a professor or a scientist or something, to come up with questions like that. I bow to your sublime superior imagination and vision. I am intimidated to the point of embarrassing, shamed belief, in someone who is obviously a higher being such as yourself. I will take part in life no more…

    ..Goodbye! …. and thanks! xx

  10. ernie e says:

    You will have to walk further up the platform to catch the train,the station buffers will have moved,ha ha

  11. cez says:

    if that was the case then channel tunnel would have naturally occuring extension, dude!

  12. rosie says:

    Only tectonic plates move apart and seeing as the channel tunnel isn’t on one…don’t worry it won’t be leaking any time soon!

  13. over the moon says:

    Yes, the Earth’s surface is still moving and reforming, but very slowly. We can’t observe it, which means it won’t affect the channel tunnel in the close future! Perhaps in a million years!

    Also check this site for the fun:

  14. Davidf M says:

    I’m not sure if your serious about this question…. first… did u think that the earth had stopped moving..????? have u heard about earthquakes..???? what do u think causes them…??? and any who do you think that the guys that make these things dont take these things into account..????? the tunnell is about 2miles or 3200km from the shore on each end…..did u think one day the guys would be standing there and whoops,…..better phone France the continents moved and the channel tunnels dropped into the water off the pier…????? help mi bob

  15. pianojono says:

    The continents are moving, relative to one another, but we’re all on the same bit, so the chunnel won’t even get so much as a bulb blown.
    Thanks for caring though.

  16. ronan.1991 says:

    yes england and france are moving apart slowly. each couple of years, they add on a few inches onto the ends and repair the parts that are suseptible to breakage.

  17. bh8153 says:

    No. Both ends are on the same continental plate.

    It’s not a silly question, though, because you can’t tell by looking at a map. If there was a tunnel across the southern end of the Red Sea, or across the Straits of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf, it would have EXACTLY the problem you suggested, because Arabia is still rotating slowly anticlockwise around its north-western end.

  18. PragmaticBeliever says:

    Yes, the continents are still moving apart.
    About the channel tunnel it depends. I think England is attached to the European platform, thus the tunnel will be safe.

  19. ms mystery says:

    The whole of Europe sits on the Eurasian plate. So spreading only happens on the edges of some plates. And since France and Britain are in the same plate and the Channel Tunnel goes between them there is no concern for the tunnel.

  20. Paul FB says:

    Europe and North America are moving apart, at a measurable 100mm per year or so. France and the British Isles, as many informed respondents point out, are on the same plate, so they are moving together and not separating. A rise in sea level (also real and measurable) will increase the distance between the coasts of England and France, but the length of the tunnel, portal to portal, is unaffected.

  21. xpat gary says:

    They will put up the price of the ticket to cover the extra distance you have to travel
    If we are lucky Europe will sail off into the distance but unfortunately we are part of the same tectonic plate so no movement

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